Biore Mens All-In-One Whole Body Cleanser 480Ml Floral Savon

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Men's Biore ONE all-in-one body wash that can wash your hair, face and body. With our proprietary Hair / Skin Smooth Formula, tresses are gently and smoothly washed to keep the water of skin. Non-silicone. Paraben free. Mineral oil free. Contains natural-derived betaine (moisturizing ingredient). Easy floral savory aroma. How to use: Hold cap 1 physically and turn nozzle 2 in the course of the arrow. (If the nozzle does not rise, retighten cap 1 and turn 2 again.) The right way to use: When washing your hair Wet your hair and skin, have an appropriate amount, wash entire skin with your finger belly, and rinse thoroughly after. When cleansing your body / face area, apply an appropriate amount to your hand or perhaps a damp towel / sponge, lightly lather, and rinse thoroughly. After utilizing this product, there is not a problem even if make use of conditioner solution. Pack Size - 480ml

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