Loshi Horse Oil Moisture Hair Cream 160G

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Wettered: Moisture penetrates inside the hair. It contributes to lustrous splendor tresses with Hari Kosi. Sealing and protection: The motor oil coats a piece of hair and also seals moisture securely. It protects from injury for instance drying. Domestic horse motor oil use: Horse oil that happens to be popular with folks since ancient times is thought to be moisture very near to human sebum, boasting high moisturizing power as well as penetrating power. Camellia oil / Argan oil blending: Japanese women's hair compatible camellia old oil along with rare Argan oil referred to as Moroccan jewel cautiously wrapped around and fix it thoroughly. Horse placenta formulation: A placenta created from a horse boasting high rarity value as well as high moisturizing power. It penetrates into the inside of the hair and brings about the moist recommendations.

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