Repair & Moisturizing Shampoo Ex Refill 380Ml

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It is a hair therapy collection shampoo designed to diligently maintain truly serious damage. In line with the amino acid laundry detergent ingredient, which in turn is considered to be gentle to the hair, as a principal ingredient, the magnificence essence ingredient was developed. Although the amino acid cleaning component is the major ingredient, high foaming is a feature, and therefore heavy foam gently washes set up while suppressing the squeak. It is advised for those who actually have problems with accumulated damage hair looking dryness in addition to pasa, lack of gloss, reduced cohesion. Hair coloring fading inhibiting substance formulation. Paraben free, natural ingredients formulation. How to use: Cut it with a couple of scissors over the dotted line. Be mindful to never cut your hand when opening. Since contents could jump out from the lips, do not hold the bag strongly. Hold the group for refilling and transfer it to a bottle so that it will not spill. After opening, it can never be stored in refill pack. Refill the group at a point in time, discard the empty kit tiny and discard it.

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