Spa Perfection Bath Salt 50G X 12 2 Types

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A high-class bathing agent packed with silky foam of hydrogen and carbonic acid. This is a bathing agent of hydrogen and carbonic acid for those who want the body to become firm and shiny. Offer a luxurious warm bath time brimming with soft bubbles of hydrogen along with carbonic acid. Contains three natural beauty ingredients (pearl extract, argan oil, clay moisturizing ingredients). Pearl extract: A pearl protein extract which provides a moist sheen. Argan oil: It is a rare oil that could be extracted from the plant seeds of the argan tree which often dwells in the southwestern part of Morocco. Clay: Dry clay mined from the surface, rich in minerals. These give your skin firmness, luster and also moisture. In regular bathing, you can do skin care not only for the face area but in addition for the full body. As each and every batch is independently wrapped. It is not difficult to operate by simply opening the bag and dissolving it in the warm water. How to use: Take a bath after dissolving the nail agent at a rate of about 50g in water which is hot (200L) in the tub. If you bring your face close to the hot water exterior during foaming, it could squeeze in situations which are rare.

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