Aroma Dew Bath Essence Refresh Tea Tree 27Ml

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Bathing perfume, scented bath essence. Various methods to enjoy. Some time of sleep wrapped in a gentle aroma. For example, aroma bath, foot bath, room fragrance, etc. Switch mood, refresh. A refreshing aroma that makes your heart and body awake. The scent of tea tree. How you can use: This warm bath essence is concentrating the elements of the aroma, the components are dispersed in water which is hot, the fragrance stands significantly better. Insert 5-6 push (1-1.2 ml) as an instructions manual to a bath tub (about 200L). Adjust accordingly as required. For the foot bath, work with 1 push in the prepared water which is popular as a guide. Furthermore, in addition, it gets to be a space fragrance by putting 1 force in the bowl, etc. with water which is hot. You can make use of it about 22 to 27 days in the use of the tub the moment 1 day.

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