Red & Green Bean Steam Neck Pad 1 Pc

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A cold weather pad which often warms and azuki's healthy steam the right way to the core. It has modest weight, it suits the neck shoulder, so it could be warmed properly. An exclusive shape to wrap around the shoulders commonly from the neck. You can make use of it by heating with a microwave oven. It is economical as it tends to be used over and over again. How to use: Fold it in half and set it in the center of the microwave oven (wipe off the debris on the role to be placed). Spot the bean so that it is not biased and also put it. Estimated heating time: Do not warm up at 800 W or maybe more. Estimated time: 500 W > 2 min, 600 W > 1 min 50 sec, 700 W > 1 min 30 sec. Place it on the neck shoulder from the side area from the written sales copy facing up. Heating very unlikely apart from the microwave performance. Immediate warming is impossible. Do not heat above the specified time frame. In the event the warmth is lack of, reheat each and every 10 seconds while looking at the warmth. Pack Size - 1 pc

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