Sleep Foot Warmer 1 Pc

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The more comfortable touch cover includes a pocket and warms your frigid toes. Warmth lasts about 8 hours. Is usually used over and over again. The cover can be washed so you'll be able to make use of it cleanly. How you can use: The entire body is a two fold bag. Take advantage of the outside bin in a microwave oven without splitting. Wash off any dirt and grime in the microwave oven before use. If it is dirty, the bag could melt and also tear. Put the principle body in the microwave and heat it. Position the nonwoven clothing side area down. Be certain to high temperatures with the microwave operation, not with the oven function or perhaps steam performance. Do not have a commercial microwave oven. Is generally worn in a microwave oven without a turntable. Put the principle body in the special product, afterward place it in the futon. If you desire to warm your toes, stick them in the lid pocket.

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